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Информация о работе на тему «Контрольна з англійської мови» (ID:4798)

НазваниеКонтрольна з англійської мови
Предмет/КурсАнглийский язык
Тип работыКонтрольная
Объем7 стр.
Размер15 kb
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Завдання 1.-9 балів 2
Put the words in the correct order to make questions:
1. cigarettes you many do a day smoke? – Do you smoke many cigarettes a day?
2. go you night where did last? – Where did you do last night?
3. does petrol much a cost liter of how? – How much does liter of petrol cost?
Завдання 2. - 18 балів 2
Завдання 2. - 18 балів
Put the word in the bracket in the correct place in the sentence. If necessary, change the adjective to an adverb;
1. We had a holiday in Spain, but unfortunately we had weather, (terrible)
We had a holiday in Spain, but unfortunately we had a terrible weather.
2. Maria dances, (good)
Завдання 4.-8 балів Choose the correct sentence: 3
Завдання 5.-10 балів 4
Завдання 6.-7 балів 5
Завдання 7.-10 балів 5
Завдання 8.-28 балів 6
Translate into Ukrainian:
There are two addresses in London that the whole world knows. One is 10 Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives. The other is Buckingham Palace. This famous palace, first built in 1703, is in the very centre of London.
It is two places, not one. It is a family house, where children play and grow up. It is also the place where presidents, kings, and politicians go to meet the Queen.
Buckingham Palace is like a small town, with a police station, tow post offices, a hospital, a bar, two sport clubs, a disco, a cinema, and a swimming pool. There are 600 rooms and three miles of red carpet. Two men work full-time to look after the 300 clocks. About 700 people work in the Palace.
When the Queen gets up in the morning, seven people look after her. One starts her bath, one prepares her clothes, and one feeds the Royal dogs. She has eight or nine dogs, and they sleep in their own bedroom near the Queen's bedroom. Two people bring her breakfast. She has coffee from Harrods, toast, and eggs. Every day for fifteen minutes, a piper plays Scottish music outside her room and the Queen reads The Times.
Every Tuesday evening, she meets the Prime Minister. They talk about world news and have a drink, perhaps a gin and tonic or whisky.
When the Queen invites a lot of people for dinner, it takes three days to prepare the table and three days to do the washing-up. Everybody has five glasses: one for red wine, one for white wine, one for water, one for port, and one for liqueur. During the firs and second courses, the Queen speaks to the person on her left and then to the person on her right for the rest of the meal. When the Queen finishes her food, everybody finishes, and it is time for the next course!

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